Small Business Tips: Taking Small Steps, Making Big Changes!

Ask yourself this question:

“What can I do today, next month and next year that will change my business?”


Your ‘Today’ change could be as simple as setting up a new form of social media to promote products and share company information. It could be as simple as deciding to let employees dress down, or instigate a ‘Muffin Mondays’ or ‘Timbit Tuesday’. While these changes might not completely change your business in a day, you might find they help to shake up ‘the norm’ and open doors for larger changes to come. Get to know someone in another department better – they may have an idea they have never voiced, but will share with you over a free donut and coffee.

You never know the ripple effect one small change ‘today’ will cause…

Next Month:

What can you implement in 30 days that will make a big difference to your business? Your ‘Next Month’ change could be hiring someone new to take on a new company initiative or give you fresh expertise. In a month, you could change locations, build promising new partnerships/relationships, run an online advertising campaign. You can accomplish a lot in 30 days – plan to try something new, on a larger scale than just your ‘today’ change.

Plan and be proactive about trying something totally different next month.

Next Year:

A lot can happen in a year. You can look at it as 365 little ‘today’ changes, or 12 larger monthly changes, or you can see it as one big block of time. However you look at it, think about it today. What can you change in your business for next year? Obviously, there are going to be new technologies, new relationships, new ideas that you cannot predict. But are things you CAN plan for. Envision your business in a year, what does it look like? ou have more staff and more departments, or do you have a more consolidated staff and less focus areas? How are you managing your infrastructure, do you still have a full in house IT team, or are you outsourcing and working in the Cloud? Has your market focus shifted? Are you investing in more areas or are you focused on the ‘money makers’ of your business? If you can clearly see what you want your business to look like in a year, take the steps now to make it happen.

Make the changes every day, every month, every year that will propel your business forward on both a small and grand scale.